6 Things You Need To Know Before Your Facial!

Facials are the best aren't they? So relaxing and so good for your skin! Here are our top tips to make the most of your facial treatment!

1. Don’t wear make up! 

It sounds super obvious but I’ve had some many clients arrive with a full face of make up and loads of eye make up. Luckily at my own treatment room I allow lots of time for appointments but trust me a lot of spas and salons don’t have that luxury. So spending ten minutes removing all your mascara is going to take away from the time your therapist can spend analysing your skin to give you the best results, treating your skin, giving you a beautiful relaxing massage, you get the idea! Always come make up free if you can :)

2. Know what you want!

Make sure you tell your therapist exactly what you’re expecting from the facial. Now is the time to totally rant away about everyone that bothers you about your skin! That way your therapist can make your treatment and home care plan as effective as possible. 

By the way it’s totally ok if you actually don’t have a specific skin concern and just want someone else to clean and massage your face and play with your hair for an hour! What’s not to like! 

3. Ask lots of questions!

You’re paying for a profesional treatment so get the most out of it! Ask your therapist for advice and recommendations, this doesn’t necessarily have to be for buying products - 

4. Do it regularly!

If your budget allows of course. But it’s so beneficial not only for improving your skin and confidence, but for your overall well-being too. Monthly is perfect!

5. Relax and enjoy it!

Please please don’t worry about falling asleep and snoring, people are so often embarrassed when this happens, but it’s honestly my favourite thing - the biggest compliment when you’ve made someone feel that relaxed! 

If you feel anxious and don’t know what to expect, make sure you ask your therapist exactly what the steps will be to help you feel more relaxed. And it’s your treatment after all, so if anything sounds like something you won’t enjoy - ask to change it! For example I always include a foot and hand and arm massage while a mask is working, and some people hate their feet being touched. Make sure you’re going to enjoy every minute! 

6. Make sure you’re comfortable! 

Having something under your knees for support makes SUCH a difference, always ask for this if it’s not offered to you - trust me! 

Hope you enjoyed these tips! Head over to @aquamarinabeauty_ on instagram and let us know! And check out our shop for beautiful products to use at home in-between facials!

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